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"Tell me - I'll forget.

Show me - I may remember.

But involve me

and I'll understand."


Chinese Proverb



Effective communications lie at the heart of any successful strategy for sustainability, whether in gaining the support & commitment of staff, opening up channels for creativity & innovation, influencing suppliers, or reaching out to customers and other interested parties. 

 Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a key principle of sustainability and is the process of communicating with those recognised as having a reasonable interest in an organisation's activities, be they staff, contractors, suppliers, investors, regulators or the local community.  It can offer a number of benefits: engaging with staff, for example, may be empowering, fosters commitment, and often reveals opportunities for innovation and efficiencies.


 Supply Chain

Tourism & events businesses typically operate within complex supply chains, making suppliers key to achieving sustainability.  Standards such as ISO 14001 & ISO 20121 require documented procedures to identify activities, products & services over which an organisation may be expected to have an influence through its supply chain management.  Engaging with suppliers builds trust & commitment and can lead to innovation in products & processes, resulting in unlooked for improvements & cost-savings.


Communicating achievements in sustainability is key to maximising the business benefits but it is important to avoid making claims that may mis-lead or deceive customers or other stakeholders in what is widely-recognised as 'greenwashing'.


Recognising the growing commercial significance of the triple bottom line accounting to investor, regulator & customer confidence, an increasing number of businesses are now including sustainability in their annual report.  Guidance is available from the Global Reporting Initiative, including an Events Industry Supplement .


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