An Overview of Sustainability


Sustainability is simply the ability to persist or continue.  It concerns the resources we use, the way we use them and the affects of our activities on the natural environment, on the communities with whom we live, work & trade, and on future generations.


Sustainability for Business

A sustainable approach to business integrates strong financial performance, environmental stewardship & social responsibility, often expressed as profit, planet & people.  Author & consultant John Elkington called this the triple bottom line, to focus business attention "not just on the economic value that they add but on the environmental & social value that they add - or destroy".


Sustainability for Tourism & Events

Tourism & events can deliver significant economic benefits and, with responsible management, can deliver equally valuable social & environmental returns.  There are undoubted challenges but as innovators & logistical experts, for whom people, culture & places are their business, tourism & events professionals are ideally placed to create value across the triple bottom line!


The Business Benefits of Sustainability

It's not just about doing the right thing!  A well-managed programme for sustainability can deliver cost savings and improved competitiveness, motivate staff, stimulate innovation, enhance business reputation, and smooth relations with regulatory authorities & local communities.


Getting Started on Sustainability

There is much information & guidance available but an ad hoc approach may not produce the desired results.  Management system standards can provide a solid framework on which to build an integrated long-term strategy with which to maximise the benefits across the triple bottom line. 


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"In nature, there are neither rewards nor punishments...

there are consequences" 


Robert Green Ingersoll 


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