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Emissions to Land

"All this will not be finished

 in the first 100 days.  Nor will it be finished in the first 1000 days,

nor in the life of this Administration, nor even perhaps in

our lifetime on this planet. 

But let us begin." 


JF Kennedy 

Inaugural address, 20 January 1961


Tourism & Events Industry Specialist


BSc Environmental Management


MSc Business Strategy, Politics & the Environment


Associate of the Institute of Environmental

Management & Assessment (IEMA)


Authorised Auditor

Travelife Sustainability System



I am delighted to offer a range of cost-effective services to help you develop and implement a fully-integrated strategy for sustainability:


Management Training & Mentoring

Customised unit-based training packages for owners & managers bringing clarity to the issues that matter to you & your more.


Freelance Support

Practical support in implementing measures for sustainability plus general assistance in sales & marketing... read more.


Implementation Service for Management System Standards

A full implementation service in a number of leading management system standards in conjunction with my associates, IMSM Ltd more.


Learning & Development

Dedicated packages to support business and training establishments including colleges & more.


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